10 Jan 2020

Understanding Light Distribution

Meanwhile, the OnePlus 6's price is notably cheaper at $529, £469 and AU$702, and is made by a darkhorse of a company whose inexpensive and powerful phones have garnered a loyal fan base. Both are top-caliber phones, but each have different benefits and disadvantages. If you're torn between the two

10 Jan 2020

The French military's new generation of pistols reveals its true features and the contrasting design of the Glock 17 is very romantic

On January 7th, I introduced the recent situation of light weapons in France in the article "The world advanced level that the French military purchased the Glock 17 pistol SCAR-H sniper rifle.&q

10 Jan 2020

The United States, Britain and Canada suspect Iran's "wrong shot down" of the passenger plane, Iran categorically denies it!

After a Ukrainian passenger plane crashed in Iran on the 8th, the cause of the accident sparked speculation. On the 9th local time, US President Trump expressed his "doubt" on the matter, an